Areolar Reconstruction

What are the most common nipple-areola problems?
Especially in a patient’s late twenties, inverted nipple issue can occur, especially after breastfeeding. And, the absence of nipples can also be seen very very rarely in some specific cases.
Can the ingrown nipple be corrected?
Ingrown nipples can be corrected via various surgical techniques. The operation can be performed comfortably and painlessly under local anesthesia, and after the procedure the patient can breastfeed as well. The recovery period takes 1-2 weeks. The most common problem after this procedure is the tendency of the nipple to go inward in the long term.
What causes nipple enlargement?
Especially after breastfeeding, the nipple size might become bigger and this problem can be solved through surgical intervention performed under local anesthesia. Again, the healing period is completed within 2 weeks. If the patient plans to breastfeed again, it would be better to have the the surgery performed after the breastfeeding period is finished.
Can an areola be done for patients who do not have nipples at all?
Just as in breast cancer surgery, if there is no areola, it can be made from the surrounding tissue under local anesthesia after clarifying the location of the nipple. Nipple color can also be provided with tattoos.
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